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Your Source for Reliable Low-Cost Energy, Liquid Immersion & Hardware

True North Data Solutions provides power, infrastructure, operations, hardware and consulting that enables companies & investors to achieve maximum ROI from their High Performance Computing Systems.

Why Choose Us?

  • Experienced, with over 100+ years of combined hands-on experience in the energy, hardware and data center industries
  • Professional, we use well proven technology and systems while adhering to industry best practices to provide efficiency, security & transparency into everything we do
  • Innovative, with proprietary liquid immersion, Blockchain, hardware and software solutions built in-house and available no where else in the market, giving your business a competitive edge
  • One Stop Shop, capable of engineering,¬† design, modeling, project management, deployment and operations from start to finish¬†
  • Cost Effective, our focus is to provide the best and lowest cost energy, hardware and data center solutions to our customers

Sustainable low-cost, Off Grid power & Generator solutions

Cost Effective Liquid immersion Data Center infrastructure


Project Management & Deployment of Large scale Power & Data center Systems

Development and sales of high performance Hardware

What We Do


Design, Model and build turn-key power, AND Data center systems


project management & Operations


Provide Customized hardware and software

Have a Data Center or Power Project?

Looking for High Performance Hardware?

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